1.Low Capital cost.

2. A predictable cost of electricity over 25 years.

3. No need to deal with complex system design and permitting process.

4.Very low operating maintenance and maximum automation in Net Metering.

5. You will enjoy marketing benefits of your Green Energy.

6. Price of present electricity is indexed to inflation by 6% p.a. and therefore solar power is cost effective as compare to fossil / traditional fuel based electricity.

7. Immediate benefit of greater than 500 % savings in your Electricity cost. i.e. 5 times savings compare to your current bill.

8. You will escape from proposed upcoming MSEDCL 25 % hike in commercial and industrial tariff.

9. So, immediately & effectively your savings are 500 % + proposed 25 % = 525 % in your electricity cost which deals like generating hassle free profit in your business.

10. You are availing benefit of Net Metering Scheme of MSEDCL. Excess units generated through solar project shall be exported to MSEDCL and you will generate revenue on the same.

11. Estimated Pay – back period with Accelerated Depreciation ( A. D. ) Benefit is 2 years.

12. Eco – Friendly Solar Electricity. As good as No CO2 emission in the atmosphere.

13. “The Hindu” daily news paper is saying that in a few years the domestic and industrial electricity basic tariff will be Rs. 13 or Rs. 14/- and commercial will between Rs. 17-18.