Benefits of Solar Power

    1. Low Capital cost.

    2. A predictable cost of electricity over 25 years.

    3. No need to deal with complex system design and permitting process.

    4. Very low operating maintenance and maximum automation in Net Metering.

    5. You will enjoy marketing benefits of your Green Energy.

    6. Price of present electricity is indexed to inflation by 6% p.a. and therefore solar power is cost effective as compare to fossil / traditional fuel based electricity.

    7. You will escape from proposed upcoming MSEDCL 25% hike in commercial land industrial tariff.

    8. Effectively your savings in your electricity bill will be increased which deals like generating hassle free profit in your business.

    9. You are availing benefit of Net Metering Scheme of MSEDCL. Excess units generated through solar project shall be exported to MSEDCL and you will generate revenue on the same Or exported excess units shall be adjusted in MSEDCL bill.

    10. Estimated Pay–back period with Accelerated Depreciation ( A.D.) Benefit is 4 – 5 years.

    11. Solar Electricity is Eco friendly. As good as No CO2 emission in
    the atmosphere.

    12. "The Hindu" daily news paper is saying that in a few years the domestic
    and industrial electricity basic tariff will be Rs.13 or Rs.14/- and commercial

Company Profile

Renewable Powertech Vision Pvt. Ltd. takes the opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the leading renewable energy sector Company and highly experienced and qualified group of people having work experience in the field of Solar, Wind, and Waste to Energy Projects for more than 10 years.

We are having expertise in all the key fields to cater the requirement of customer in terms of product and sales – service to optimum level of satisfaction.

The promoters are having a vast experience in handling projects for Large, Medium & Small enterprises as well as household / domestic projects. The promoters have executed more than 200 projects in their vast career of 10 years.

Executive Summary

Renewable Powertech Vision Pvt. Ltd. is a renewable energy company that develops, acquires, builds and operates solar power projects. Renewable Powertech Vision Pvt. Ltd. having its VISION is to become a leading solar power developer to meet India’s growing energy and environmental needs by providing affordable solar electricity. This will translate into developing projects of over 5 GW of power in the next 7 years with an investment of over $ 5.1 billion, commissioning over 500 MW of solar power plants by 2017.



The main OBJECTIVE of POWERTECH VISION are as follows :
1. To rely on cutting edge technology to provide our customers the highest degree of quality standards.
2. This helps us in raising the bar of ourselves and the industry at large.
3. To built a stable and effective network between the government, industry, technology centers, companies and other solar experts across the world to design, develop and deploy cutting edge solutions in clean energy.
4. To give our customers the best value for money and quickest service.

POWERTECH VISION is interested in serving and investing in INDIAN market that are committed to making solar electricity part of their long term electricity infrastructures. POWERTECH VISION will, through an appropriate business model, develop and construct solar power plants in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Telangana, Zarkhand and Madhya Pradesh. The Projects will be built in multiple phases over the period of 3 Years. Each phase will start construction following the completion of the
previous phase. The SPV projects will operate under a feed-in-tariff that is adequate to support the financial feasibility of the projects. POWERTECH VISION is working with relevant government departments to provide adequate policy support to enable the financial feasibility of projects in an expedited manner including but not limited to approval by the local panchayat and the right to interconnect to the grid. With an expected pipeline of more than 5 Giga Watts, we see tremendous opportunity for
POWERTECH VISION and our partners.


  • Board of Directors TEAM
  • Core Management TEAM
  • Marketing TEAM
  • Finance TEAM
  • Project Execution TEAM
  • Project Consultancy TEAM
  • Administration TEAM
  • Legal TEAM



Our Samruaddha Bharat Group is into diversified business activities:

  1. We provide turnkey projects in Waste Plastic converts into DIESEL OIL is called PYROLYSIS OIL 100 % substitute to diesel.
  2. We provide turnkey projects in Solar Power Generation Projects includes EPC, PPA, in Mega Projects, Rooftop and retail.
  3. e provide multipurpose herbal extraction unit turnkey projects.

Our Segment:

1. Renewable Energy

A. Solar Power Plant
  • Mega Solar Power Projects EPC
  • Solar Home Lighting System Products ( Generation Through Solar Energy)

2.Solar Water Heating Systems

B. Wind Power Plant
  • Wind Lighting Systems ( Generation Through Wind Energy )
C. Hybrid Power Plant
  • Solar & Wind Power Generation

2.Solar Water Heating Systems

  • Available in ETC & Flat Plate Collectors
  • 100/150/200/300/500 Liters Per Day
  • Above 500 LPD, As Per Customer Requirement
  • Domestic And Industrial Applications

3. Solar AC

All the above powertech vision products are designed to cater to the needs of common households and Small & Medium enterprises, business complex, Malls , Educational institutes , clinics-hospitals , banking sector , farms & farm houses etc.

Quality Assurance:

We source our products from manufacturers with great repute; hence the offered Products are Reliable, Intelligent, Compact and Aesthetic with high performance & high Efficiency.

We take maximum care while marketing the products we offer , their range and the product quality, ensuring complete customer delight.

“ Powertech Vision is a complete solution partner for all your power need “

Assuring you the best service & attention at all time.